Courage to admit ur life isn't perfect

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Apr 10, 2016 3:10pm
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Do you have the courage to admit you do not have it all together? None of us as it ALL together , it is easy to paint the illusion that we do , we can paint whatever illusion we want. If we want lasting change then have to humbly admit we do not have it all together. We have to honestly assess where we are in order to know where we want to be. For a long time my life was paralyzed by PTSD , Anxiety , Depression and Grief. Many people close to me would tell me things like " You are strong , you can get through this" " You are just being lazy or that it was an excuse " " You just need to be positive" " There are people worse of than you , you need to count your blessing" None of which were helpful and all very isolating , dismissive and ignorant . Ignorance is simply the lack of knowledge and information. These kind of responses leave a person to feel even more alone, more of a failure and that the road back to a joyful abundant life is even more unattainable. I did not get back to a stable place from comments like these , I did not take antidepressants , I did not ignore my pain , grief , anxiety and sadness and I did nor pretend I was positive or happy when I truly was not , Regardless of how uncomfortable that caused those who where my friends to feel. Sure, I lost a lot of friends because I refused to sugar coat and pretend to be a way I was not . There were times if I said I hurt I got told I was just being sorry for myself and I needed to be STRONG !! TRUST ME it is far more important to be your self than it is to be strong. Be honest with your self , If you are struggling or hurting then ask for help, support and if you can not find it in one place go to another . This is not easy I know but if you keep asking and seeking YOU will get exactly what you need . It is far healthier to admit you have struggles than it is to hide them . This way you have the opportunity to heal , to rebuild your life in a way that you want it to be. Be who you are NOT who others need you to be for their own comfort. <3
10 Apr much to read..but i must body is perfect.i am the one having courage i m not perfect at all.
15 Apr
Well said and I can truly relate to everything you said and I chose to take the meds and be nice to ppl but reading this has opened my eye to a different way of doing thing and a new me