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Apr 11, 2016 9:56pm
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I feel like giving up because I'm bored and have no motivation in myself to continue with my workout and i start to get lazy....

12 Apr
Dont quit my friend.Stay strong.I know its insane hard and tough for you.Cause i were exactly like you when i first started to workout.Just show how great you are.Show em your strength.No matter if you are fat or skinny.I realised that after a long time.Whem everyone saw me 20 kilos down they all freaked it was like...A miracle for them.They couldnt believe my new body and my new appearance.Just try man.Dont give up.Whatever you do is foe your own good.Everything you do is a gain.Nothing is a loss.The only loss you will get is weight loss :) Just believe me.Stay...
15 Apr
Change up your routine. Having a workout partner also helps