I Need Some Motivation

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Apr 16, 2016 3:38am
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I'm trying to have lean legs and lose some weight. Can you give some motivation to keep me stay on track? Thanks.

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Apr 16, 2016 8:11am
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Look in the mirror. That should be your motivation. Not your body but yourself.

Don't hate on your body, your curves and your pounds or whatever. Remember what you do, you do it for yourself! For your health and to feel better. Not to look better in the mirror and in pictures, make that an extra and not the ultimate goal.
Would reaching your goals make you happy? Would it feel better if you got the body you want in just one day like magic or something? The answer is NO. Work for it. Sweat for it. Feel the pain and sore muscles and I promise even if you don't get that soon exactly where you want to be... It is still going to feel amazing.
Because you'd be working on yourself. Because you love yourself enough to put in the work. Because... You deserve it and none except you can give you what you want. And soon you'll understand reaching goals feels awesome, but knowing how hard you worked on your progress feels even better!! Stick with it not for a week or for a month. Working out and eating right, drinking lots of water, having enough sleep. These are all right choices you'd never regret. Make life changes and results will last.

Fitness is like happiness, not a destination but a journey.

16 Apr
Thank you so much :)
16 Apr
Good luck :)