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Apr 20, 2016 2:43pm
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Hey all,

I just had a question. What all motivates you to get up early enough to fit in your morning workouts. It seems like when I want to, the call of sleeping in is strong:/

21 Apr
Hey, I have two motivators. They don't always work, but they're a start. First, I usually try to start with a run and I run around my town, so it's best to get going before too many cars are out. Second, I try to remember that a brief exercise will provide more energy for my day than the extra sleep I would get by pushing the snooze button. I've also tried putting my alarm across the room from my bed. That helped for a while, then one morning I threw something at it...I'm not good with mornings. Hope that helps...
22 Apr
Chris, the other point to make is to ask yourself what time of day provides the best results and fits best into your schedule. For me, lunchtime is the ONLY time I've found to work for me (my office has a free gym downstairs full of equipment and space). So, I workout, then eat lunch, therefore I get the best FREE gym AND I pack a healthy lunch to refuel. So, start with the question, then find the best fit! Good luck and I'll follow you to see how you progress! All the best!
Apr 22, 2016 8:23pm
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Wow thanks! Interesting, never thought about a mid day workout..  that may give me the energy that I need for the middle of the day!