Falling off the wagon yo-yoing

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May 19, 2016 3:28am
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When I work out, I also eat great, and drink lots of water.
But when I eat unhelthy I don't workout at all or drink any water, this go's back and forth week from week, i last about 5-7 days and as soon as I have one bit of junk, I totally give up.
I feel like I have all the tools to do this but I still dont know what is holding me back.
Im so tired
So akey
I feel like im dying.

19 May
Hi Joeline, hope you are doing well. I can relate to your situation and only one thing to say your are lacking serious motivation and either it's a relationship, your job, your friends some situations that you really don't like is draining your energy. You said I feel like I am dying, it's a pretty serious statement don't take it light. Try to change your surrounding if possible and get in touch with more positivity. Life is precious and it's only ONE. Understanding your situation is the key. I started reading a lot of personal development material, something is blocking...
21 May
thank you for your wonderful feedback it is much appreciated, and your hope for me will not go unnoticed! ! i will keep what you said with me, and foces! ! god bless
01 Jun
same for me...just no motivation