Keep consistent. No excuses

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Jun 1, 2016 1:40pm
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I hear all time about people complaining there not seeing results. Thier losing faith, not losing fat, Not stacking on the muscle.

Firstly forget those adverts and articles that claim you can lose 3 stone in 30 days. Or that you can put on 2 stone of muscle in 30 days. It's bullshit, there is no magic pill. No magic workout. It takes hardwork and dedication day in, day out. Consistency is the key. Busting your balls off is the key. Dragging your arse out of bed and pushing yourself. When your knackered from a hard days work but still don't let it get in the way.

Don't lose motivation because you ain't seeing results fast enough. Overtime you will change, you will see it. At some point down the line you will look at yourself in the mirror and know all the sweat, pain and miles has payed off. Get too it