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Jun 19, 2016 11:58am
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I'm a single mom trying to lose about 100+ pounds as it is effecting my health. Every time I get on a routine it last for a little while but then I get side tracked. Its also hard when people at home are always eating junk. I know its partly motivation but its also temptation. I usually start with making my lunches for work and drinking one meal replacement shake for breakfast as I almost never eat breakfast. I get so upset when I stray away. Any ideas or suggestion?

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Jun 20, 2016 4:50pm
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Develop small changes into habits, bit by bit. You're not going to succeed if you make drastic promises to exercise an hour each day and never eat sweets again and all this.
Health and fitness is truly a way of living, not a thing you do for a few months until you reach your goal, and people don't change the way they live very easily.

It helps to make small changes and stick with them, like finding some good breakfast ideas and eating a healthy breakfast 5or6 days out of the week, doing that step by step with each meal of the day, slowly substituting more and more healthy options more and more often. But some weeks you'll slip back into eating badly. That's how it goes. You'll still have what you've learned and add more to it when you get back on track.
Substituting an unsweetened tea or sparkling water for regular sodas. Taking a ten minute walk after dinner every day or even 3 nights a week. Finding some healthy alternative snacks you can start substituting. nobody wants to give up their favorite things forever, but small changes that don't feel too intimidating, that you can mostly stick with so they eventually are just how you live now. Eventually you build up, you start to notice how you feel when you eat well versus when you indulge, and you start to notice the patterns, and you start to change how you think about your "favorite" foods and snacks.
It takes time though. We don't change easy.

Follow some healthy lifestyle Twitter accounts. Start reading some health blogs. It helps a lot to keep your mind in the right place, and learn some new ideas.

This is something you will have setbacks with. The thing is to change how you look at things like that. You're not "failing," you're having a very normal experience. Setbacks are inevitably part of the process. Don't beat yourself up too hard, just get back into things and keep on keeping on. You can't have setbacks without progress... And in living healthfully, you can't have progress without setbacks.

20 Jun
do NOT underestimate the power of walking! little walks to start, build up to longer walks. Also, short workouts at home... even 2 minute workouts are great for building up better habits and as foundation for a complete life change.
20 Jun
Much needed! Thanks for the great advice and guidance:)