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Jun 29, 2016 3:31am
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I've been on and off this app for a while. I need to workout so bad. I raced my first motocross race and didn't finish. I am so out of shape. The conditions weren't favorable in any way, and i had to pick up my bike so many times. It was wet, and very muddy. So i decided i need to "make my bike lighter" and get back to the gym.

I do ok with going to the gym by myself but i would prefer a workout partner. I used some print and go workouts from women's fitnessrx (which aren't bad) but i am so self conscious it makes it hard to try new things. I go late like around 9pm, so hopefully there won't be anyone else there lol. My boyfriend does not help my motivation. He would go with me if we had sitter, but i seem more likely to give up if he goes with and i feel rushed. I really want to find a workout partner, preferably someone who has half an idea of what they are doing. And can help encourage and challenge me (and vice versa) Online might be my only option.
I know diet is key, i could really use some advice on what i should be eating, and using for protien shakes (there's so many! And i tried a cheap Walmart one..yuck)

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Jun 29, 2016 3:44am
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Start on a Monday! Trust me I have so many ladies who say this helps new week new mind set, can you train from home? If you and your boyfriend motivate each other train in the morning or evening together, you can always start with body weight exercises you don't have to go to the gym, take baby steps I always tell my girls to set realistic goals don't expect everything to happen suddenly don't cut out all the food you shouldn't be eating cut it down and use it for rewards by this though I don't mean everyday!!! Also set yourself a written promise and stick it high I make all my girls write down their goal, something they promise not to do, if they achieve this they get their reward could be a pedicure, hair cut new outfit and if they fail we have a burpees punishment, we even involved partners and they tell me if they fail, 
29 Jun
ooh i like those suggestions! my "weekends" are Sunday and Mondays off so Tuesday is the start of my week. which works good. just hard with 2 kids, i have tried home workouts and is too easy for me to lose interest. i did really good last year with going to the gym. i didn't see much results physically but i felt them. i got lazy so I'm trying to get back into it. i do good if i go. if i take too much time off its hard to get myself to go. i went back for a week...
30 Jun
Then definitely use the rewards system keep yourself accountable! In understand I have 4 children under 7 and run my PT business and I can be the same, start taking measurements as well and re take every 6 weeks that's way you can see your true progress, eliminate all the negative thoughts from you head, change your mind and believe you can