Workout 3 Days Rest and repeat or 6 days rest and repeat?

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Aug 3, 2016 12:14pm
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Hello fellas.I am focusing on burning fat and i do heavy HIIT and cardio workouts and rarely dummbells.Whats better for me and my body?Workout 3 days and rest and keep going like this or workout 6 days and rest 1?I wanna know whats better for my body and what could help me on burning fat and building muscle faster without getting totally exhausted..Any expert answers are welcome and gonna be appreciated.

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Aug 3, 2016 5:11pm
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I think you are asking the wrong questions. Losing fat and/or gaining muscle aren't about how often you train. Or about how many times a week you plan a rest day.

You should be aiming to create a calorie deficit. Do this by food. Because just by exercise takes too much effort. And it'd too tempting to compensate by eating more. Weight training is not aimed to make you lose far. But this helps you keep muscle mass while losing fat.

So instead of asking for how many days/sessions. Create a sustainable calorie deficit with enough strength training to not make you lose all muscle mass while doing so. That are the questions which answers will help you alot more.

03 Aug
Alright mate but i think when i plan my rest day it counts a lot.I thought that was 100% true
03 Aug
Yes you need your rest days. Recovery is also a part of training. But rest also depends on how hard you train, what kind of training and your conditioning level. So this is hard to tell. Usually If you feel like you really need more rest days and are always sore then you really need more rest haha
03 Aug
I do cardio and HIIT together till my body is totally destroyed.I will change my rest plan and do this 3-1 Cause i am really sore a lot everyday and I just cant do it.Bodyweight is hell.Gym is easier without this kind of pains.You just lift weight to work 1 kind of muscle while the rest of your body muscles chilll on a bench or on a machine sit :P.Muscles are developing while we sleep right?I mean if I am sore everyday and keep working out is that good for my body?I wanna rest more so my body will work...
04 Aug
Better rest after 3 days or even after 2 hard days. If you dont rest enough, your body will get weaker and you lose muscles, which means you burn less calories but get weaker and also the risk to get ill is higher
05 Aug
Thanks Heiko.That was the answer i was looking for