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Aug 12, 2016 3:06am
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Ok, I'm being honest here. I'm 15 years young, about 125lbs(...i think...), and havn't done many real exercises this summer. I have always been fit ever since I was a kid. I've always had a six pack, and I always used to be stronger than other kids my age. I used to be shorter as well, but I now became almost taller than kids my age now due to what I concluded was basketball .

So being honest, I don't constantly work out, maybe like once or twice every 3 weeks.

Defining working out as like true weight lifting and stuff.

I've really been sweating a lot and playing basketball every now and then, so maybe some normal activity.

I'm wondering why exactly am I staying so fit, and if I could be even MORE so if were to be cautious of what I eat.

As far as my diet has been going...

Not the most of healthiest foods to be honest. In fact unhealthy.

So the question is...

Why exactly am I staying so toned and fit, when I don't give my calorie or fat intake much thought? Could it be metabolism? Is it that I'm just not reaching my full potential by not giving myself a eating plan? How much do dieting and meal plans have an effect on you or me, and could it make a difference in my case? Is it a cleaver choice to start now? Is there a reason I'm staying fit, and if so "What is it?"
Lol So those are the questions.

Thanks for your feedback, and Good Luck.

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Aug 12, 2016 7:23am
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I can give a few answers to your questions.

The first thing to know is being fit and being toned as you call it. Are not the same things. You can be either without the other. So even if you wouldnt play sports you could still look toned. But would lose your fitness pretty fast. And vice versa.

Your next question was about nutrition. How tall you grow is mostly determined by genetics. Good food, enough sleep and an active lifestyle, can help you get to your genetic potential. But it won't ever raise it. Some will grow tall no matter what others will never.

This makes us come to another question. If it's a good idea for you to take more care of your food. Yes and no. You are still young. And as you say yourself in good shape. So there is absolutely no need for you to count calories or something in that direction. You are still growing and developing at your age. This means you need alot of energy. This also explains why boys at some age, start eating like grown ups. Their body needs it!!! So in this regard, don't worry too much about how much you eat.
However, it's never a bad idea to make better choices. Specially if you enjoy sports and the idea of a healthier lifestyle. One of the best ways to do this. Is starting to eat more vegetables and perhaps some more protein.
As you are not making your own foods. This can be hard to do. But a good start would be to ask for some more vegetables at dinner.
Another one to look at could be sugar intake. I'm not so big against sugar as some. But eating way too much sugar as alot of us do. Makes you more prone to insulin resistance. Now at this age of yours. That's not too worry about. But you can decide to drink more water instead of soft drinks.

For protein. You are not too heavy. So it's likely you are eating decent amounts of protein. It's hard to tell for me. But adding a protein source to your diet is never a bad idea.

I'm sure I forgot some things. But this is a general answer.

12 Aug
Thanks, awesome answer I appriciate it and will take your advice/acknowledge your answers.