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Sep 6, 2016 5:59am
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Well everyone, I've had a really bad two weeks. In fact, I'd guess I've put 10 pounds back on this week. Starting off in the AM with the military diet. Wish me luck, going to try and lose 10 pounds this week!

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Sep 6, 2016 10:12am
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The weight you've put on is probably water due to high sodium and potassium especially if you were dieting before the gain. I had a cheat day last Sunday and Monday morning when i did my weekly weigh in i gained 7lbs! I went to the gym the next day and asked a trainer what should i do and he told me on the days i  "cheat" to drink aloe vera juice. I bought some and lose the weight the next day :-) Of course that doesnt mean to eat recklessly, but it was a great solution to my off day of my diet. Don't give up, stay focused and try the aloe vera juice

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Sep 6, 2016 12:46pm

Hi Marie,

Thanks for the encouragement!  No, I'm pretty sure its acutal weight.  I totally fell off the wagon and at like 2200+ calories per day. Prior to that I was consuming between 800-1000 calories per day. The good news is that I know I can do it. Since December of 2015 I've lost about 90 pounds. Half the battle is knowing you can achieve it. It just sucks and is discouraging.  


Thanks again!


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Sep 10, 2016 12:17pm
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Whats the military diet im a little new to this.
I have a wedding coming up in about 11months to be in and im having a hard time im a bm and im having a hard time finding dress that fit me right