Time to go again...

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Sep 13, 2016 12:01pm

Hey Everyone,


Today sucks, let me be clear. Its basically going to be a week or two of Mondays in a row. In December of last year I committed to losing weight. At that point I was 318 pounds. Since then, as little as two weeks ago, I was down to 222. Over the last two weeks I definately made some very poor choices and gained 10 pounds back.

Two weeks ago I was excited because I went from a 54" dress pant to a 38". As I write this Im sitting here very uncomfortably in my 38" in dress pants, wondering why the hell I did this to myself.

Obviously I can't change the past, so here I am humbly sharing my experience and hoping for a bit of encourgament. Failure isn't an option, Im using my terrible tight waist pants as a motivator rather than an inhibitor, but it's still no fun.


Heres to losing the next 20 pounds!