Depression + exercise?

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Feb 11, 2013 10:50pm
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Hello! I suffer from severe depression. I had been trying to work out and was a month strong, but depression got in the way and I just had to stop. I lost 10 lbs by watching portions and calories, but I still want to loose 5 or so more. tomorrow I'm going to start my calorie watching again, but I hope to work out tonight. Also. How can I fit my work out in with my schedule? AND. I usually only have time to work out at 900pm ish. Is it bad?

Support would be great. Thanks (:
12 Feb
Hi I am also struggling with depression and with the depression I have gained a good bit of weight looking to lose a few pounds need a workout buddy let me know if you are interested
12 Feb
Sorry about my typing doing this on my cell phone is a little difficult any tips on what workouts are good or healthy food for me to try
12 Feb
I don't know how to read the rest of a comment on my phone! :(
12 Feb
On my cell phone Chind to figure this out 2
12 Feb
I wish I could read your earlier comments!