Determination ... Summer 2013

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Feb 17, 2013 9:34am

Morning guys, I'm finally determinded to start my litttle training programme after many posts saying I'm starting and then giving up or just not being bothered to start but know summer is around the corner and my holiday is coming up soon in around 140 days I have a bit of motivation to start, and hopefully it'll stay! I'm not looking to lose weight, don't mind a few pounds/kgs coming off, but I maily want to tone up and feel good about myself when I'm away and keep it up throughout the year. I have a few questions I hope people can answer as I know somethings myself but not 100% on others: 1) Does drinking milk affect you in toning/losing weight as I'm a big fan of drinking it but if it decreases my chances then I think I'll have to cut down? 2) Does keeping a dairy and writing in everything you ate and done for exercise really help? 3) And any good toning up exercises which will help me to achieve my goal in feeling good while awat, especially in a bikini? 4) Are squats useful for toning you bum or just making it bigger? Sorry for the reallllly long post hopefully thats all my questions, for now. If people need any advice I'm happy to help as well and if you need a motivaiton buddy I'd be happy to be that as I think I could do with one myself so I don't go over the bandwagon. Thanks all :)