Confused on my 1,200 diet

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Feb 23, 2013 8:39am
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Okay, i hope someone can answer my questuon because i have been trying to find an answer but still end up confused. I use my fitness pal and my calorie goal is 1,200 (thats what they put for me) i work out around 4-5 times a week. I normally burn 600 calories by working out. Okay heres where my confusion starts: since im working out almost everyday, do i eat more than 1,200? What i have been doing is eating 1,200 calories a day and if i work out, ill eat some of the calories back or else i would starve. Can i still lose weight this way? Im remaning at my goal and working out so im just confused on whether i can remain there or have to up my calories!

23 Feb
I do the same 1200 cal diet. U would only starve if u didn't eat anything at all :) we over exaggerate our work outs to ourselves most the time.. if u kno wat I mean:))
23 Feb
Haha thanks! But have you been working out while doing the diet as well?
23 Feb
You need to increase your intake a bit more. 1200 is ok if your not working out but your body needs more fuel or it will still starve or hold on to your food. If you workout that much you should increase calories slowly by 50 calories a day to a healthy 1800. See what happens. Good luck
23 Feb
Yeah my net calories is always around 1200 but when I look at the food, it's mostly around 1,500 so I eat more then that when I work out, but my net calories remain at my goal!