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Feb 27, 2013 7:34am
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So I got drunk and I feel really sad with myself.. I read I another post that said that you don't have to do the things just for another people and that is what happened to me. Im seriously when I say I'm never getting drunk again. And I know people always say that, but for everyone here and for me I say now that I'm not doing it ever I promise. So I'm starting to work my body and my mind. If anyone believe in me I would really appreciate it
Thank you for your time! (sorry for my English).

27 Feb
I understand where you are coming from...i lost over 2years to drinking and my health etc. My life was out of control and i gained some ive been done drinking for almost a here if ya wanna talk or want motivation.:)
27 Feb
Stay strong :)
27 Feb
Pray hard! Ask Jesus Christ to be your saviour ;)
02 Mar
Stay posititve!! You can reach your goal!!!!