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Feb 27, 2013 5:03pm
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Lately ive started to mainly drink water and maybe a sip or 2 of juice here and there. Im 233lbs as of right now, 5'8 and 17 yrs old. I started doing this nike workout from their app and throughout it i just started crying because i just couldnt do it . My body was giving out and i did take rests and drank water but its just one of those moments when you think whats the point im probably just going to stay like this if not gain more. I tried pushing myself to keep going but the voices that tell you you it will never work and you'll never change overcame. Ive been trying to be fit but its just really hard and i feel the people around me just dont understand how hard it is. Being a fat teenager isnt all sunshine and rainbows especially with all the other girls around being the perfect size. Ive been over weight as far back as i remember, and being made fun of it. I just need someone to talk to, maybe to motivate each other or even someone to yell at me to be fit
27 Feb
I know where you are. I spent my whole life there. You CAN do it! I did. I got up to about 315 or more by the age of 34 and one day I was tired of it. My 2 yr old ran away from me and I had to get in the car to catch up. I started slow and just walked my dog. Counted calories meticulously and as I could increased my exercise. Now I am down 145 pounds and over 100 inches. I did this alone. My family did not understand nor did they really help. My...
27 Feb
Girl im 21 & ive always been bigger. Im the biggest ive ever been weighing 240 after my 2nd child. I easily loose motivation but if i can you can! If youd like some support feel free to follow me(: ill do the same!
28 Feb
Hey I know exactly how you feel and I just wanna say you can do it. I know you can. As a matter of fact we can do it together. I myself am 20yrs old 5'11 and 265 and its my goal to one day be glad to go to the pool or play in a shirts vs skins game. Like you I've always been husky especially in the midsection and I've just accepted it. Einstein said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over and expecting a different outcome. Same goes for not doing. So I'm saying...
28 Feb
Losing weight isnt easy love. It hurts and you feel pains and burning, tuggs and pulls, in places you've never felt before. But its harder when you give up. After you push through that your body adapts and sometimes even wants more. Its mind over matter. Push through the tough parts by saying "I can do this" and you'll feel a change emotionally as well as physically. Trust me when I say I know u can do it.
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Feb 27, 2013 6:07pm
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Aw.  cheer up buttercup! Just persist by exercising, eat healthy, sleep well, and ignore the people that don't make you feel good. Crapppy advice. I know, but that's the healthiest way to lose weight. and DON'T starve yourself because anorexia is just not cool. Good luck 
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Feb 27, 2013 7:03pm
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I know the feeling of growing up as the fat girl with all skinny p perfect friends. i played sports all through high school but still was bigger than everyone. It doesn't help that I'm only 5'3 and was 175 I got all the, way up to 190. I just had my baby 7 months ago and I am proud to say I am down to 163 through hard work and determination. I know you can do this. Make time everyday for a work out whether its a walk for 15 min or a work out on here. And FIRST ELIMINATE THE WORDS CANT WONT AND DONT. Be positive say everyday I want to be healthy, I want inner and outer beauty, most important I WANT TO BE HAPPY WITH MYSELF! Look in the mirrior at your self when ya say it.  I geniunly love ya girl and so proud for taking the first step to a happier you Dont ever give up on yourself.

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Feb 27, 2013 7:39pm
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Hi hunny! U poured ur heart out. Im here to tell u that u CAN DO IT! Last summer I was 200lbs. I am a small framed 5'5. I remember walking up three flights of stairs out of breath. I was depressed and unhealthy. Today I am 133 pounds and still losing. Girl block out everyone that is telling you you CANT do it. Weight loss is 90% mental motivation and 10% doing. Sign up for social websites such as sparkpeople, so you can have support 24/7. (Im on there lol). Your mind has to be consumed with weight loss. Youtube weight loss vlogs, make collages, surround yourself with weight loss success stories. Use technology to surround yourself with weight loss, and the rest will fall into place. In terms of exercise, you have to gradually build up your fitness. Start with cardio and strength, with a slow increase in intensity as you get more fit. You can do it hun!

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Feb 27, 2013 7:40pm
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Remember you are the only person who can stop you but from what I can tell you are already in the mindset! Just keep your chin up and smile. We are all here for you. We are your exercise family... KEEP GOING TOU CAN DO IT!!! xxx

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Feb 28, 2013 2:56am
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Starving yourself is never  the answer. It is especially dangerous to starve yourself and exercise. Eat portion controlled meals and exercise to the best of your abilities. You are beautiful and you are strong. Be the amazing person that we see you are. Good luck on your journey to an even more fabulous you.

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Feb 28, 2013 4:43am
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My husband bought me Insanity for christmas...i asked for it....so Jan 1 i was all motivsted and popped in the dvd...all i good say was WTF was i thinking...i gave it three days...i couldnt do 75% of the moves...i just wasnt physically strong enough..flexible..or coordinated to do it...and i was really disappointed in myself...but then i realized that im not in compitition with anyone but myself..and i realized..there is no way im doing Insanity straight off the couch...so since i have had to make realistic changes and goals...what i find challenging...someone else may think its too simple....start where u are now...do an easier workout and build up...slowly...ur not in a race trying to finish first...ur in a lifetime adventure of self improvement and movement...enjoy it...exercise should be fun and interesting...a time to see what your body can do and what u want it to do in the future..not at time for self hate or self loathing at what u cant do...except where u are today...because tomorrow you will be you will be one step closer to your goal...


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