Heeeeeelp: Overweight & Unmotivated!

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Mar 10, 2013 4:22am
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Hey guys,

I'm 18 years old & quite heavy for my age, no numbers needed. I've been trying to lose weight all my life & it hasn't worked. Does anyone have a great workout & meal plan to lose serious weight by September? I'm hoping to lose at least 50 lbs, I hope that's a reasonable number. I have access to a gym at school and I have to eat from my schools caf pretty much twice a day...tho I can buy (keep in mind that I'm a broke college kid) some stuff to put in my fridge and room.

Any ideas or help? Thanks!(:
10 Mar
What would help: stop feeling sorry and start feeling sore. Get some exercise crackin'
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Mar 10, 2013 7:47am
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Hi, im crissy. As you see in my pic i am too, very over weight. I have had lots of wonderful advise on here. I have more energy then I have ever had. Im alittle under 250 pounds and im 5' 2".   But im losing weight, and im doing really good. The things i have learned  and have been doing:

1. Only drink water and green tea.
2. Start looking at what you are eatting. Download my fitness pal...in the app store.. totally free. Play around with it and learn what has a lot of calories and what doesn't.  Make sure you eat breakfast at least two hours before waking up!! Three hours after eating breakfast, snack on some bell peppers.. the yellow and orange ones taste really good to me. Try some celery and bite it like a slim jim :). Try not to eat prossed food, like hot dogs.. you can learn alot more foods on your fitness pal. Before you eat something just seatch for the food there. :) after your snack, in three hours eat your lunch...three hours later try eating healthy snacks again. Three hours later it should be dinner time. I try not to eat anything past my dinner.

3. Start walking!!! If your living in a dorm room then i know you can walk :). Pick a good pace for you and maybe try to walk a mile a day. Then when you get used to it.. try walking a faster.pace. when it becomes easier go a little faster :) or further!!!

4. Excercise!!!!! :) im not really sure the best workouts yet, but im just doing them as i go. Its really hard for me to do planks, so i just lay with my tummy on the ground and do the other motions, but i try to lift my tummy to work it out some, but dont hurt yourself...  ALWAYS remember to streach before and after a workout.  Maybe do two workouts a day. I started off with casual, but i have put a couple of moterate in there to ease myself into pushing harder but not over doing it.

Anyways, i hope you get to your goal :) send me a message if you want someone to workout with you. You dont have to do what i did, but i am proud to admit my shame and say Im thirty years old and I weight almost 250 pounds. It hurts everytime i say it, that makes me want to do something about it. I also put up a picture of myself. I HATE when my arms show, im so embrassed about them. So i put a picture showing me what i hate most... it makes me want to work harder and say NO to thoses m n ms and Dr. Peppers. :) Thanks for reading and i wish you the best journey into living a healthier better life!  Message me anytime!

10 Mar
I wonder how many calories i lost typing that with one finger on my phone lol. ;)
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Mar 10, 2013 8:49am
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That's excellent advice from cryslyn and i love your honesty.
50lb in 6 month is defo possible how easy that is depends how much your weight is now if you are 400 lb quite easy if you are 180 lb more difficult. Like cryslyn said my fitness pal is excellent for keeping track of calories and exercise. I don't know your eating habits but if you eat alot of junk food try making a list of those unhealthy processed foods and aim to substitute one third of them for healthier foods the first month then another third the next month then the final third the next month. Exercise advice is pretty much the same as cryslyn said just do something starting with casual then working up to moderate i do think you have to push your self hard for the results you want. Now you are on your weight loss journey you will make progress take measurements of waist and legs arms etc and the first work out you do keep a note on how many reps you did then if you get disheartened weeks or months later do that work out again and be proud of your progress take measurements again and look at the inches lost . Then get right back with your program. Hope this helps a little

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Mar 10, 2013 7:54pm
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Hmm I needed to lose 30lbs but now I need to lose 50lbs! I've lost 70lbs so far though but stress has killed it so far but back on it. I've been at the gym - I do weights rather than cardio, its great for increasing the post-workout calorie loss and tbh I find it easier than cardio as a bigger girl while still putting in equal effort. Dont worry youll bulk up like arnie, wont happen lol. Foodwise Ive just tried to be more concious of what I eat and why. I've found I was eating in place of negative emotions so now look out for feeling down/bored/angry and its easier for me to acknowledge that that is why I want food. I've been eating more rice pasta and veg and less premade food. Celery and dip are good snacks. I love this app as i take my phone to the gym and work through a half hour workout each day. Fave so far is Wicked Weights you should try it. Lost 3lb so far since Monday.