Tummy tuck

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Mar 14, 2013 8:13am
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Hey guys,
I wanna reduce fat from tummy. Which workouts u all will suggest??? I need suggestions fast..

14 Mar
Plank is a laziest workout but work wonders
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Mar 16, 2013 2:00am

Don't forget that your nutrition plays a HUGE role in reducing belly fat, as well as fat accross your entire frame. Here is some great nutritional info to live by: 

Make sure your drinking plenty of water. Drinking more water alone can help your body burn fat more effectively. This will keep you satiated as well, which will help you eat less calories. Don't drink calories, this is one of the quickest ways to put on unwanted weight. We often think we are hungry, when in fact, we are really thirsty. The majority of your nutrition should be focused on eating non starchy vegetables. This will give you more than enough fiber, and lot of nutrients with few calories. Get your protein from high quality lean protein sources such as eggs or egg whites, chicken, fish (salmon & tuna are great sources), and no (or low) sugar whey protein powders are also an option. Using coconut oil to prepare your meals is a more healthful choice. Lastly, berries and citrus fruits have more nutrients per calorie as far as fruits go.