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Mar 17, 2013 7:23am
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I have notice that a lot of people want to know the methods for getting a more tone midsection. Well there is no huge secret. Its all in what you eat. I feel like sharing what I do to stay a size 0 with flat abs and still eat like a champ :) my big method im a vegan. Yes what! Eating high process foods, full of fat, chemicals, and condiments is what keeps many people from accomplishing their goal of a flat belly. Now im a recent converter 6 months ago I ate meat, cheese was my weakness and if you can microwave it I want it. Well I wanted clear skin and flat abs. Well I did it by just eating more raw foods and saying goodbye to animal products and process junk. Not gonna lie very hard to convert took me three years of trying before I told my self that it was time to go full vegan. But I dont regret it. I have more energy, better skin, and flat abs without having to kill myself working out. So I suggest for everyone to try not to eat process animal product foods for a week see the difference and then decide what to do even try it for 30 days you wont regret it.

Suggested readings for motivation and education:
The 80 10 10 diet by Douglas N. Graham
7-day raw food kick start guide by tracy russell
The china study by T Colin Campbell

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Mar 18, 2013 5:53am
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