Hello newbie here from Ireland

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Mar 17, 2013 5:22pm
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Hi, i am new to the forum but been using the program for 2 months, on and off. Goal is to tone body, lose weight. I have a rubbish record at keeping to a routine longer than 2 weeks, generally find supefit people odd. Physical activty does not come easy to me, cardio activity like running makes me nauseous. I do enjoy using weights. Short term goal is to lose some weight for 2 events in April. Longer term is holiday in July - not to have wobbly thighs. I plan to cut out all sugar, eat more veg and fish, i dont eat a lot of carbs generally. I plan to walk more. Go swimming once a week.

I wanted to make public declaration of my goals, to help motivate me ;-)

17 Mar
Happy St. Patrick's day!
17 Mar
Thanks @mr12g !
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Mar 18, 2013 11:53pm
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I can relate with nearly everything you said, physical activity does not come very naturally to me and i get nauseated or short of breath. I've become better at keeping routines but if anything happens to break them (like sickness or travel) it can be hard to get motivated again. I've found i gained so much confidence after i stopped thinking about my weight and appearance and focussed hard on just being as healthy as possible :)