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Apr 1, 2013 3:52pm
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I've just gained so much weight I hate it. I'm only 5'1 and weigh 180 ew. I do 2 of these work outs a day, and I just need either a workout buddy to help me or some motivation. I need help on foods to eat as well cause a loosing weight isn't only working out. I feel depressed cause of this weight and I'm determined to get rid of it !
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Apr 1, 2013 4:14pm
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First and foremost, make sure to begin thinking optimistically - being determined to maintain a positive demeanor is always, in my opinion, step number one.  Next, set small, manageable goals.  Having a large, long-term goal is good, but break it down into smaller steps, and always be sure to celebrate every one of your achievements - no achievement is too small!  As far as food and snacking, I like to buy fruit and veggie trays - you can pack some baggies full of fruit or veggies for your daily snacks.  Also, stay hydrated well.  I know some of these things may sound mundane, but I believe them to be essential.  Hang in there!  Starting out can be very tough, but I think you will find some good motivation on here. 

01 Apr
Thank you ! I will try my best
01 Apr
Just enjoy every program ..:)
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Apr 2, 2013 1:02am
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I've been fighting the weight battle most of my life so I understand what you're saying. In the end it's all about lifestyle choices. Don't focus on a single goal like how many pounds you want to lose. Focus on training yourself to gain healthy habits and lose unhealthy ones. 

Be informed. Read about nutrition and exercise. Find out what's best for you. Read food labels and learn what's in them. Before eating an extra portion consider whether you really need it. It's too easy to eat food for comfort but think big picture. This food may make me feel good for a minute but then it's gone and the effect on my health and self esteem is going to last a lot longer. Ask yourself if it's really worth it. Changing the way you think one choice at a time will add up. If you are eating a healthy diet then you should never feel real hunger pangs. The rest is just about controlling desire.

You already exercise because you know that choosing to make that effort will pay off. learn to apply that kind of thinking in all of your choices and the good things you want will follow naturally. You won't need anyone to motivate you. As you reap the benefits of your good choices you won't even want to make the bad ones anymore. Trust me on this, I've learned these things the hard way. Teach yourself these things while you are young and you will live an extraordinary life.