no motivation?

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Apr 3, 2013 12:32pm
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i dont ever feel like working out all i ever do is walk like a granny never have enough energy fkr a proper workout and im just 17!!:( help?

03 Apr
I get like that too when I work out by myself. In the middle of my workout I end up just laying on the floor. Haha maybe try working out with someone or make it a game. I made a bet with a friend who ever worked out the most won and the other had to buy lunch at the end of the month. We made our own point system up. Makes it kinda a fun way to do it. Take vitamins too!!
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Apr 3, 2013 10:21pm
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I'm 14.
I barely eat and I barely sleep.
I hate coffee but I'm getting that desperate for energy.

Try Dr. Pepper, Red Bull and coffee.

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Apr 3, 2013 10:41pm
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Tips fore more energy.

Eat better. Junkfood and cupcakes are not good foods okay. Real natural foods are. Got it?

Sleep Well. Get at least 8 hours EVERY night.

Stay positive: dont give me that i'm to tied. You have to be like "Hey I got this workout and i'm going to finish it. Succesful people dont give up when things get hard. They stop when they are done!

Hust get started: Just start doing something. I dont care how slow you start. Do jumping Jacks or something. U Will find the motivation. Also dont overdo it. U can start with just 5 mins every Day or every other day. Make a habit of it and work your way up from there :)