How are ur workouts going??

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Apr 4, 2013 12:58pm
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Hey guys! I jus recently got back into this whole working out thing... Working out hurts & Im lazy hehe but I have been going strong these last 2 weeks getring back in the game... I cut out ALOT of things I used to love like Cake & cookies & other sweets... I have been drinking more water & less of everything else...

Last week I had been getting rid of all my other drinks but this week I have only been drinking water & grapefruit juice... Smoothies too! (My secret sweets) I buy the propel single packs to put in my bottled water for flavor & 0 calories!

I have been working out everyday as well balancing using this app & another app to manage my calorie intake called My Fitness Pal, going to the gym, Jillian Micheal's kettle bell dvd as well as the wii fitness plus disc... lets see how good I do at the end of tha month!

How is ur workout going? Are u guys sticking to strict diets? Strict workouts? Seeing any progress?? Keep it up we are all in this together!!

04 Apr
Sounds like you're doing great!! I'm new to this app and I requested to follow you, by the way. I try to eat as healthy as I can. I use LoseIt!'s barcode scanner to track my food and this app to track my exercise. I eat mainly fruits, nuts, granola, cottage cheese, sandwich thins when I want toast .. My diet isn't strict but I just try to make the healthiest choices I can. I'm going to do a workout from this app daily. I also belong to a gym and go there almost every day. Today for example I'm...
06 Apr
Hey girly! I followed you back as well! Sounds lyke you have everyrhing mapped out... Im jus now getting back into a workout routine I have been doing pretry good did a workout of som form everyday & I make sure I do stretches throughout the day... your diet sounds good too Im not big on nuts but I do like peanut butter lol Im trying to focus mainly on my abs hips & thighs the most not trying to lose weight so much my weight has pretty much stayed the same over the years not too much weight gain...
06 Apr
I've been a consistent weight, give or take, as well. I have many overweight people in my family and I take after them (vs my brother who is thin as a rail like my mom). There have been points where I just say "screw it, I'm sick of working so hard when others don't have to", and then I get all flabby again. I have a new mindset now and working out is hard, but rewarding. I love pistachios but I don't eat any other nuts besides that. I used to be kind of addicted to PB and while it...
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Apr 5, 2013 12:52am
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For me this app has got me thinking about the foods I eat. I originally got it to stay in shape but now i'm thinking about calories and how much water I drink and other stuff. this app has changed the way I think and I got a lot of progress from that. Hope you succeed in your own goals!

05 Apr
I use LoseIt for my fitness tracker just because it's simple and I'm used to it. What this app in particular does for me is gets me off of my ass! I love how easy it is to just prop my iPad up on the floor and do these workouts in my family room. :)
06 Apr
@Michelle that is true indeed I have been using an App called my fitness pal to track my calorie intake it has actually been keeping me on track for the most part I think I have been doing pretty good tracking what I eat some days I forget to post to it but I remember what I did eat & just go back & post but it also has the bar scanner as well. It helps me track how many cups of water I drink too! @Lindsey Im with you girl it helped me get off my behind too! I...
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Apr 6, 2013 3:03pm
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Hiiii (: i love skimble, it's been my life since last year! I enjoy doing the fun workouts on here and it is really convenient to choose the intensity i wanna do!
I've toned up a lot using this app, and i sometimes couple it with outdoor activities like running or cycling (:

Glad to see you being so dedicated to a healthy lifestyle!
Keep it up!! <3

Xx Camille

06 Apr
Hey Camille!!! I have only been using this app since March 26th... I was hooked for the very first day I downloaded it! I have a looooonnngg way to go to catch up to you thats for sure but I am going to try! The workouts are fun & being able to pick the intensity & amount of time you have to spare makes it extra convenient as well! Thanks girly Im gonna try to keep it up!! You keep up the good work as well Make sure u keep me posted I'm gonna follow u if Im not following...
06 Apr
Love hearing about your results, Camille. It's encouraging to me!