Looking for MOTIVATION & encouragement.

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Apr 21, 2013 12:38pm
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I used to be shy about this, but I've been reading these topics and I think this could give me the push I need. I am 16, and overweight extremely. I want someone who shares or shared my similar issue to maybe be a sort f work out partner for me, we can push each other and be in this together. Or if it's just someone who also needs a motivational workout partner, let me know (: Im ready to get this weight off!
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Apr 21, 2013 1:10pm
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I've got some great motivational pics if you want to check it out. Key factor to consider when you loosing weight is too burn more calories than you consume. If you do that then use on your way to success.
21 Apr
Well, I do log my calories. It's staying under those numbers that's so hard. Being 16, over 200lbs, my calorie goal with MyFitnessPal is only 1,280. That's the hard part lol. And motivation to exercise when I have school and stuff. I know this is bad and it's habits I'm trying to break but it's so much easier to find excuses rather than do it. I want to get rid of that mindset completely (:
21 Apr
Well it's up to you. You've got to tell yourself you can do it. Set a goal. Carry out a plan and stick to it.
21 Apr
Thanks but that's not exactly the type of encouragement I'm looking for. I appreciate it anyways though..