Heres a tattoo tip lol

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Apr 28, 2013 12:06am
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Before getting a tattoo make sure you go in on a full stomach and is fully hydrated if you go on an empty stomach your body could over heat because the body sees the tattoo as an injury and starts to heal it so if you haven eaten the body over works its self to produce the cells it needs in order to heal if you havent eaten or is not hydrated you could faint or pass out also never get a tattoo if you have been drinking the alchol in the blood system wont allow the tattoo to fully heal correctly although it might look great at first when it heals it will not be as bright as it should be another tip all it takes is unscented soap bar and water to clean a tattoo while it heals and unscented lotion to keep it hydrated try to avoid putting any kind of unessary chemicals on it

28 Apr
Getting my first tattoo in a week, on my wrist. Will these help also?
28 Apr
Yes it will :)
28 Apr
Very true. I do tattoos myself. Lol