In need of some motivation and tips!

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May 2, 2013 5:43am
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So I have adhd and it's really hard for me to stay focused and keep a regular.. well anything really! Usually I go a week then I get off sched for a few days. :/ I just had a baby boy 2 and a half months ago and he's my new determination. :) <3 So far 3 weeks now! Could really use some help staying motivated! Also, i'm looking for healthy supper meals if anybody has any good ideas would be great! :)

02 May
Hi! I just started a new workout. I am 48 and def needed some motivation. But as soon as I started I was surprised to see how much fun I was having. I actually look forward to next workout...I like the 30 day challenges
04 May
I am right there with you, but no baby. I have ADD and lose interest. I am trying to start in with short workouts and a variety. FitSugar has some good 10 minute videos. Getting to eat better can be a challenge, but less packaged foods, rinse off canned veggies to help reduce sodium, frozen veggies, cooking several foods to plan meals for week etc. I follow Jessica Smith too! I do need a partner to check in with.
07 May
Thanks for your tips! :) I'll have to try em. lolz