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May 6, 2013 9:47am
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Hi im hanna ,im 23 years old i love work out ..but the problem is my trainer push me to eat fish or any meat he said thats for build your a nutrition for that true..bcause i m vegetarian..hope i get solution cause i love hve little bit muscle like bikinis bidy contest figure..

06 May
if you wanna have your muscles on your arms then do some push ups and then you will have muscles because i dont eat fiah and meat too so i know what to do :-)
06 May
soy..beans..egg(if u eat them)...and nuts will give u the nutrients u need as a vegetarian XD
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May 8, 2013 1:33am


About the only part that sounds right to me is that adding more protein to your diet combined with the right types of exercise (e.g., weight training) can help you add muscle mass. What sounds wrong - this doesn't have to be meat or fish. There are plenty of vegetable proteins available through food (like lentils, nuts, etc.) as well as vegetarian protein supplements (if you are OK with milk, whey is readily available, but there are also vegan supplements out there that are good too). What really bothered me is that your trainer doesn't seem to respect your decisions about your own body - it's not his/her role to talk you into consuming things you don't want to eat. It's also concerning that your trainer is focused on changing your mind rather than pointing you to solutions that will work for you.  Time for a new trainer - that one is at best is ignorant of your options and at worst has betrayed your trust. Either way, he or she no longer deserves your business.

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May 8, 2013 2:12am
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Try a book called 'Raw Power' by Thor Bazler. Excellent for learning what foods can help you reach your goals.
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May 8, 2013 3:02am
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Hi Hanna! 

First off, it is clear to me that your trainer does not have the proper education to fully help you through your journey. A well educated Fitness Professional, should have a good knowledge about nutrition, clearly yours doesn't. Second, protein play a big role in keeping your body system in good repair, good repair of muscle tissues is what helps you develop stronger muscles. That being said, unlike most uneducated Fitness Professionals like to believe, you absolutely do not need more protein when working out! That belief is the biggest myth out there, mostly created to sell all those protein supplements, and to be used as a supplement when you can't reach your daily requirement. Truth is, too much protein can results in kidney disease, poor liver fonction, and vitamin deficiencies, which can become toxic. According to the USDA, ANY HUMAN BEING has the exact same requirements, regardless of your lifestyle and it is as followed; Based on your daily calorie intake, 60% should come from carbs, 30% from fat, focusing on unsaturated fats, and 10% from proteins. Now you can see why some might need protein supplements. If you follow a 5000 calorie diet, it might get tricky to find food or time to fulfill the requirement. People who follow a balanced diet, should never ever have to take any supplements.  Third, you do not need to eat meat, or any meat product to reach that 10%, I suggest you get yourself a good Vegetarian Cookbook, with nutrition values for each recipe....this will help you ensure you reach that 10%, as too little is not healthy either. Personally I eat lots of Nuts, Chick Peas, Beans, and that kind of stuff.....I hope this is helpful for your big journey of becoming healthier! I personally think you should not put any more money into this trainer of yours and look for a new one, always make sure they have education from an accredited school. A lot of institution will hire anyone who "looks fit", when most of them don't know a whole lot about fitness and nutrition. A few tips on recognizing if your trainer is qualified; look for certifications in the office, or simply ask to see it (I know I will post mine when I receive it), If your first session consist of discussing your goals and getting to know you, (lifestyle and nutrition), he should also ask for a full physical, and do a fitness assessment before "prescribing" you any type of program.  I apologize if I made spelling mistakes, English has only been part of my life for 5 years.
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May 9, 2013 2:53pm
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Hey  well in my opinion you need to have a balance in your diet. It's not good to eat loads of fatty foods but you also need to have some fatty foods, but to a certain degree. This is the same for al other categories, protein, carbo, sugar etc etc. so meat is an important factor but its up to you how much you do or don't want to eat it. It's not a must have but itis good for you,in the right proportions
09 May
Hi Daniel. I would have agreed with you two years ago but MASSIVE amounts of research have proven to me that meat is actually not good for you. The types of protein meats provide are not the most optimal, and in many cases are not good for you, and have been linked to cancer. There is a lot of research on this available. As she is a vegetarian, in her case, meat is twice as bad because it goes against everything she is working to live by. On the other hand, I do occasionally eat meat, but it is more...