Do we need grains for energy?

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May 13, 2013 8:40pm
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My question is in the subject. I have heard different stories. Tried cutting them out for a month and a half was super tired and hard to run and work out. Whats ur opinion. And can u still have low body fat eatting those carbs.

14 May
Healthy grains are great for energy. And they will keep you full for longer. They are not needed but only recommended. Its a lot better than an energy drink. Just do it in moderation and measure how much you're eating of it and you will be fine.
16 May
this is how your body works: carbs-->glucose-->ATP. ATP is what our bodies use for energy. If your body isn't getting enough carbs it will steal from other sources to get glucose (from your muscles for example) The best way to go is to make sure you are eating healthy carbs from whole wheat and not candy. So, yes, grains are important.