Loss of motivation ):

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May 19, 2013 7:17am
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I work graveyard shift at a hospital. When I get of around 8am I want to sleep. It's hard to be motivated to just put only workout cloths and do something! I'm constantly craving sugar I haven't ate sugar in over a week and I'm strictly in a no sugar diet! No soda, tea, sly, sugar, bread, nothing! I eat fruit everyday but I also have this thing to where I am seriously never hungry! I eat once a day because I'm just never hungry, I'm not starving myself I just idk like I said im never hungry! Anyways I need help!
19 May
Well fruits help curb your appetite so that could explain why you are never hungry. I am gonna assume graveyard work requires a lot of physical activity, its just an idea but you can turn your job into your workout its what I do and it saves time. Now in terms of motivation I can't really help you considering everyone has different reasons.
19 May
I mean not really being night shift I kind of sit unless activity happens, I walk a lot I guess, I take the stairs instead of the elevator, but most of the time... I sit because that's when my patients sleep.