I don't know of the workouts are working?

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May 23, 2013 8:35pm
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Ok when I started to workout. I really felt it. I sweat up a river and I felt sore after the workout and the next day. Well lately I've been working out and I'm not feeling the sore pain I'm so used to feeling. I change up my workouts a bit and I feel the pain while I'm working out but when I'm done nothing. So idk. I'm not sweating as much either. I use weights and yes I've been adding extra weights when I get used to the first set. Advice or explain?
24 May
Lol Ok Bryan I'll look it up. Just give me a second. It takes a while for YouTube to load.
24 May
Aww thank you. And LOL nooo you did not creep me out. I actually believe its sweet and thank you a lot I needed that. It's very much appreciated.