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Jun 3, 2013 12:29pm
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How bad is beer for you? Can I drink some and still be okay or do I have to cut it out all together? Is win the same thing? Any kind of suggestions would be great.

03 Jun
Beer= liquid french only on your period
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Jun 3, 2013 1:48pm
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Moderation is they key.

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Jun 3, 2013 2:49pm
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Bryan i drink atleast 4 times a week mostly wine and i still manage to drop weight the key is to workout more and drink plenty of water

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Jun 3, 2013 7:43pm
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It certainly won't increase speed of weight loss but as long as you stay well hydrated and burn off the extra calories you will be fine. As long as the rest of your diet is good. If your adding junk on top of junk your making it harder for your body to keep up. But all in all, feel free to enjoy some beer, wine or mixed drinks. Also, moderation is very important.