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Jun 6, 2013 7:56am

I had a terrible knee pain and a very uncomfortable sensation that makes certain movements so unbearable. I tried every pain relief drug and have been under rehabilitation for such a long time. I followed everything, ate right, exercised right. Until I met Dr. Purita, I undergone assessment and then he said that stem cells and Platelet Rich Plasma injections would help me a lot.Since i have already tried almost every recommendation but to no avail, I tried his suggestion. And I was so glad I did. I am now pain free and regaining confidence and my life back. They have an extensive list of treated orthopedic conditions, so I just want to share this. I found my solution, I hope someone out there will do too.

06 Jun
It would be powerfull pain
06 Jun
yeah..but it's now gone. I have undergone a treatment that at first sounded so new to me, but it was a relief to discover that a lot of people have undergone it and are all pain free. My doc helped me a lot and explained the whole procedure to me.