Mummy Tummys!

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Jun 11, 2013 10:23pm
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Its been just over 5 months since I gave birth to my beautiful son and my mummy tummy is worse now then it was after giving birth. I struggle with motivation to exercise and eating good food. Im not fat, but im big compared to what I use to be. I need advice on how to beat the cravings and get my a into g with working out. Its silly cos I love the feeling I get after I do workout but most of the time I cant be bothered!! Arghhh please help!!

12 Jun
To help with cravings, I usually keep healthy snacks available, drink lots of water, also if I brush my teeth after dinner I'm less likely to eat anything after because I don't want to have to brush them again!
12 Jun
Thanks guys thats great help. I feel pretty good this afternoon. Ive done a workout and eaten pretty good. Only had one unhealthy thing today, damn caramel square. But one unhealthy thing is better then my whole day being unhealthy!