Stress and ED?

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Apr 25, 2014 6:04am

Hi folks,

I'm suffering from the ED problem from past few years, well this is embarrassing situation for me personally right now. So, i talk to some people and come to understand that my weight and smoking may be the main reason for it. Let's focus on recovering from this situation i began jogging and strict diet and of-course stopped smoking also, But recovering rates are still unknown and that i was missing sex badly , and so i started to consume kamagra oral jelly tablet as temporary recovery from ED. ... Now my question is , Is the fact that consumption of this tablet will affect my natural recovery from ED with the efforts that i'm taking?

which kind of medicines are actually safe..? Or i ought to go with any other choice for the recovery and prevent consuming pills such as this till my recovering...?

Thanks in advance..!

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Apr 25, 2014 9:48am
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Ah bro this is difficult problem. And i get why its hard to talk about. As you alrdy said being in bad shape, smoking and stress on the body can cause this problem. And this can really get ur confidence down which wont help either! At the same time it could also be hormonal. So you could let ur blood tested for perhaps low test levels. Another tip is create settings in which you feel confident and relaxed.