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Sep 1, 2015 1:03am
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I have anxiety I get sad and want to disappear for no reason and then an hour later I'm normal can I be me all the time

01 Sep
I have felt that way too. It hard to know if people will accept the real me or not
25 Mar
Stress is normal, Depression is just another form of stress. You could be feeling that way becuase 1# not enough sleep, or 2# believe it your meal plans could be adding to the problem, if youre not getting enough vitamins through your food the body and mind suffer
02 Apr
TURN UP!!!!!
12 Oct
Take note of your thoughts when feeling down. Acknowledge them, and then see if you can begin to think differently.
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Mar 25, 2016 10:51am

Stress and depression can be overcome with the help of Yoga and Meditation . I have seen usually senior people suffer from this problem so by keeping this in mind , Most of the health care centers are situated around lakes and nature  preserves . View here some beautifully designed home health care center .

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Mar 25, 2016 5:22pm
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I suffer from depression as well. It takes a toll on your workouts and your life. People describe me as super confident and i am....until i get depressed. What helps me is that i count my "wins" in my day no matter how small. Whatever i did good on. The small wins give me strength for the bigger ones. This applies to working out too. Start off with something small that you know you cant fail. Keep going until you can do tougher things again. But don't make my mistake and forget about this when you feel better. Since depression comes and goes you need to keep counting all your victories,even small ones so you are not completely caught off guard when the next wave hits. Finally the biggest piece of advice ever given to me for my depression  is this:help others. Help your friends,volunteer, encourage those with our same issue,even looking after a pet can help. Helping others makes us truly happy. This is something i didn't understand until i did it. Depression gets the better of me every now and then. In fact im still getting up from my last fall but knowing that others others fight the same war i do every day encourages me to be strong for them. I came here to help you but you ended up helping me too I hope you win this fight. Don't give up.  

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Mar 28, 2016 11:01pm
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I'm feeling the same way at the moment, not sure what to do really