2 mos post partum. Need help!!!!!!

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Oct 9, 2013 6:55pm
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I need to lose 30-40 lbs in 2 mos. any suggestion? I cant do intense work out yet bec. I just gave birth via csection 2 mos ago.
09 Oct
I'm in the same boat as you. I had a c section two months ago and had complications, so my incision is still healing. I did a little bit of yard work and I'm going to start with some planks and exercises like that
09 Oct
Aww. Has your incision dried up yet? I didnt have any complications and I healed well but Im scared that if I do intense work out, i might hurt myself from the inside since it's major operation. I've already lost almost 40lbs but I still need to lose the rest of the baby weight. :c
09 Oct
Not dried all the way up yet. I still have some open. My incision came open while I was still in the hospital. I ended up having a wound vac for almost 3 weeks and then had stitches for a week. I had asked my doc if I could start doing exercises and he said I'm in the clear even with being still healing. I could see you being able too. I've lost 20 lbs and still have 10 more pregnancy pounds. But....I had put weight on before I became pregnant. So I have another 60 or so to lose
09 Oct
Oh Im sorry to hear that. I hope it will heal soon. I had gained 70lbs when I was pregnant, almost 40 lbs down, 30lbs to go. Ive been dieting since 2nd week post partum but didnt start exercising until 6th week PP. Ive just been doing light exercises coz im scared but they say that in order for you to lose a lot, youll have to do intense work outs. *sigh