Flexibility trainin' at 33 weeks?

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Dec 8, 2013 6:38pm
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I wonder if flexibility exercises would be too risky at 33 weeks seein' that my ligaments are already gettin' loose and ready for birth. I exercise with cardio and strength trainin' 6 days a week. I thought about doin' some relaxin' flexibility on my off day but I'm unsure. :/

09 Dec
I don't see how it could hurt. You know your body and your limits. Good on you for keepin fit while pregnant! The fitter you are the more likely you are to have an easier birth.
09 Dec
Thanks! I've been regularly exercisin' for over a year and it was so much of a habit I couldn't stop even durin' this pregnancy! I didn't work out at all at my first two pregnancies and had health probs from it. This one's been the easiest :)!