New here ..mother of 3

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Feb 27, 2014 3:39am
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Hi im victoria im from LOUISIANA....I have 3 kids I'm 18 an I have to lose weight immediately im not happy with my body at all....
Just any help

27 Feb
Do a good diet and some cardio.
28 Feb
Welcome! First of all. Diet and cardio. Lemon water helps. You can do this. There's a lot of support on here.
06 Mar
newbie To - welcome
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Apr 24, 2014 8:48am
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First and foremost welcome!!!

I as well am a mother of 3 and what works for me is I let my kids join me in my workouts.  Its a bit more time consuming but it gets the job done.  Also I go to the gym at night after my kids are asleep.  I drink alot of water and eat alot of protein veggies and fruit.  Also I noticed that having kids it makes your life so much easier to include the kids in your workout than to try and workout around them.
But I hope this helps a bit. 

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Apr 24, 2014 10:21am
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Hi!  Victoria!  You've found the best app. There are so many workouts and exercises on here that you won't get bored.  I a mother of 7 kids and at one time there were 4 ages 2 and under.  This is what I discovered.  First,  not to take away from others advice, but I found that trying to work out around and with my kids very quickly became impossible. ..I almost lost an eye (another story for another time :)) If at all possible, eke out 30 minutes of a day for YOU. Make this YOUR time and guard it with everything.  Use this time to exercise. And workout/play with your kids in addition to your exercise.  Start small.  Many people do to much to fast, it's hard and it hurts and they never do it again.  Make one healthy goal a day.  And achieve it!  Small daily accomplishments are very rewarding. When you get discouraged or need motivation go to the dairy section of the grocery store. .. Look at 1lb. of butter... that's a lot of fat.  So losing a small amount of weight is a big deal !! And remember it's taken 18 years to get to where you are now. Make lifestyle changes. . Don't diet, eat healthy,  make good lifestyle choices.  Good luck!!

11 Jun
Hi my babe it's Elizabeth I'm also a mother of 3 I found that just cutting out calories works for me I didn't stop drinking sodabut I have one once a week to satisfy my urge so I don't over indulge I also try to exercise in between commercials just take it slow and don't over do it