C. Section pudge??

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Jul 29, 2014 4:44am
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Ok so I have had 2 emergency c sections. My daughters are 10 months apart. I can't seem to lose the pudge extra lose skin where I was cut. I'm physically fit for most part bring I'm in the army. I eat clean and exercise daily any suggestions? ???

29 Jul
The Wife has same thing (3 kids, all come out the sunroof). Soz love, but I don't think you can loose the "apron" without further surgery.
20 Sep
U don't because they cut into the abdominal muscles. ..so u can tone it up but there will be that flab...because how those muscles use to work they don't anchor your lower abdominal s anymore. ...only option is a tummy tuck....to b cut away extra skin and reshape. ..I had on...never the same..
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Sep 19, 2014 6:24pm
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Baby pudgeAs soon as the c section is repaired after 2-3weeks you have to start massaging it by rolling it and streching it between your finger. this makes it possible to remove all adipous and skin adhesion where the cut was done. Your goal is to separate every layers again like it was before ( skin fat and muscle are suppose to be separate). My c section has disapeared to a thin white line that barely shows now. Also, no pudge to be seen

Do it every day as soon as possible to avoid temporary adhesion to become permanent or hard to mobilize. This is true for any wound that was repaired by the body.  This was advise to me early after my c sec and everybody is amazed! I still ware bikinis after 2 babies. If your c sec wound was never properly cared for, you can have back ake along with esthetic problems, go see a physiotherapist.