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Aug 10, 2014 5:08pm
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Hi so I want to lose 20 pounds I'm 125 right now and I'm 5'0 . I have a really big baby belly it's an off and on again wondering what's the best exercise to do everyday on here to lose my weight and my belly.also I'd like to get a butt a picky eater too I don't like veggies unless they are in soup or something I can't taste them in.tonight I'm making veggie stew it's a box though that u add meat too... I love fruit and salad but only. Spinach. My sons three already and I just hate that to myself I feel fat and I want to change what should I stay away from eatting and drinking and what should I do?
10 Aug
You need to keep your metabolism up at a constant working level. Eat something small every two hours. Fruit would do nicely. Your metabolism will work round the clock. Secondly, stay away from any carbonated beverages as well as any drink advertised as diet. They have chemicals which would prevent you losing weight. I hope this could have been of some help.