Breastfeeding and working out

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Oct 7, 2014 5:01pm
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Any other moms breastfeed and work out? I don't want to diminish my supply but I also want to loose some weight. Any tips, ideas, advice? I have another post "body after baby" that says I want to lose 21 lbs in 52 days. Advice would be greatly appreciated!

07 Oct
Fenugreek supplements can help keep your supply up. Just be careful not to over do it with workouts. Apparently it can make milk taste sour. Lactic acid perhaps....
07 Oct
if your nursing, hard workouts will decrease your supply, even with supplements. I think your goal is too high for a nursing mom. remember, your feeding a baby so you need to have enough in your body to produce nutritious milk.
07 Oct
I have been breast feeding my baby for 5 months already and i work out everday and i have not seen any difference in my supplement.