How do I lose this baby fat !!??

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Oct 30, 2014 12:36am
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Okay I had a baby like two months and two weeks ago. So ive been working out since she was six weeks I use to weigh 130 before I started working out now I weigh 127lbs im not so much worried about losing weight as I am getting rid of this belly. But my stomach is as big as it was when I started! The only thing that is getting toned are me legs. I eat about 1200 cal. A day sometimes 1500 I dont eat junk food. So idk what im doing wrong? Also I do cardio and abs three days a week. And run two days a week. Im 5'2" . Any suggestions on exercises or anything?

30 Oct
Full tabata work out works for all that since it tones your upper body and stuff, continue what you're doing but incorporate some other workouts with it instead of doing the same routine everyday
30 Oct
Eat more...1200 calories a day for an active person is not enough.
30 Oct
Okay thanks. Im going to try eating.more and that tabata work out.
30 Oct
You'll get there! :)