6 week postpartum

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Jul 10, 2015 2:53pm
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Had to stop working out after first trimester due to being sick and super excited to be back! Now how to stay on top of this with a crying baby

10 Jul
Try out the Mommy Got Muscles program in the forums. There's a 3 week plan in there to help kick start the habit, it's a four day split. There's about 30 workouts I've created along with help from others; each being between 5 - 15 minutes with different intensity level, that can all be broken up to fit ANY schedule. It was designed for you.
15 Aug
I have a 6yo and a 7 week old. On hard days i put the baby in a front carrier (she loves it, maybe your baby will too) and we take a walk which normally ends up at the park lol power walking really helps and you can even do squats and lunges with baby in the carrier to mix up the walk. I'm back to work next week and will have even less time to exercise than I do now, this will probably be my back up exercise for most days of the week lol
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Jul 10, 2015 4:13pm
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It's okay to hit a funk. When you do just remember to stick to your lean foods and do a full body workout whenever you can such as running or cycling.
10 Jul
I hike twice a week :)