Need Motivation..

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Oct 8, 2015 10:46pm
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Hey guys and girls im pretty new to this
And well i started a detox and juice plus diet in may and lost more then half a stone and felt great in myself but 3 weeks into it the takeaway menus came flooding through the door and temptation grew on me since then ive put on a little over a stone and well me and my little family (partner + 2 beautfull children) are going to lanzarote in december and im now to the point of feeling rubbish and my confidence is lower then low my partner of 5 years loves my curvs he says but i hate them infact i despise them i want to do something about it and should of done after the birth of my baby (7months ago) i lost my baby weight then slowly pilled it on when i got my c section infection now i want to do something about it but i need a good kick up the bum please or someone who is in the same boat as me anyone out there who can help??!

12 Oct
Hi. I am a wellness coach and I could help you. Let me know. Send me a message.