Newly pregnant but I still want to get healthy...

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Apr 5, 2016 9:08pm
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I just recently found out that I am pregnant... Only 4 weeks in and I'm happy but before I did, I was getting started on my weight loss journey.... I have two daughters 15&8 and after I had my 8 year old I weighed 80lbs less than I do now. I definitely don't want to use the excuse of my belly to keep putting on weight and I also read somewhere that if you're already overweight, you can do things to lose weight in a healthy way without compromising your child's life! I'm high risk hpv so I've been told to abstain from a few things in the first month. However, I do want to get started so that when I have my baby, I can jump right back into getting fit... I know what it takes to be a new mommy but I always used my kids as an excuse to not work out!!!! Any tips?????
05 Apr
u did good girl