So, I have this friend....

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Sep 11, 2013 1:15am
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I'm made a friend in college back in Fall of 2009, He told me he has Bipolar. He told me he has issues with boundaries. He says he's seeing a therapist, he's on medication even though he says his medication doesn't make him feel right.. We texted very often. Sometimes he replies would be so defensive that I'm like I didn't do anything....his behavior started to drain and stress me out. So, I ended the friendship spring break of 2010. We didn't talk for four years.

Now, he found me on Facebook and sent me a friend request. I accepted. I'm feeling nervous about where our friendship is going to go. I mean right now I'm like we are better as Facebook friends till I feel like I'm at place where I am comfortable with you, hanging out is not on the agenda for now. So, I'm taking it slow...allowing him to talk not me wanting to talk to him on Facebook.

I want to know how can I be a friend to him and not let his intense issues get to me?

Feel free to educate me about Bipolar. Living with social anxiety issues  ever since my teens I can imagine the frustration of living with mental health issues isn't easy. 
11 Sep
Don't friendzone him please
11 Sep
Do you someone with Bipolar???
21 Sep
Aatri S. I have Bipolar Disorder. If you have any questions, or need any advice, I will happily share anything I can with you. I was diagnosed late 32yo however, through therapy we have been able to discover that I have had this disease all my life. There are too many unanswered questioned in the general public about this disease and its affects on the person who has it, and most importantly, the people whose lives the come into contact with. I have spent the past 15 years learning all I can about this disease and how to help those...
21 Sep
Thanks Chris. I appreciate your input. Just last week we were talking on Facebook and he asked," I was wondering about seeing you in person" Instead of focusing on making him happy i was honest and said,"I'm not ready yet" He said," Okay :)" Then, next time we talked on Facebook, he said,"I don't want to offend and risk losing our friendship" I was honest with him. I said," when it comes to making friends, trust is important, as long you respect my boundaries and don't expect things to go your way, we are fine". He said," I can't promise...
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Sep 11, 2013 7:46am
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Sounds to me like you are doing the right thing

11 Sep
Thanks. I've learned a lot from when I ended our friendship 4 years ago.