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Oct 4, 2013 1:01am
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Is it true that the more pain you feel after workout means it's more effective? Or it's just some trashy saying?

And if we already feeling pain in our muscles, is it true that we need to stop? Or continue doing the workout because it's more effective?

04 Oct
Do not ! Work out yhe same muscles two days in a row. Sleep 7-9 hours a night and eat at least your body weight in protein, plus drink 66 ounces of water at least. If you are still sore after two nights of rest then take another , its ok to workout being mildly sore buy of you feel like jelly still. Get some good sleep and drink a shit ton of water. And stretch a lot. At least twice a day.
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Oct 4, 2013 1:33am
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No its not true at all. While pain is somewhat attributed to progress . It isn't exactly linked,. It's your body growing and adapting to your routine. So of you do the sane routine every time you workout * let's say three days a week * then after a while , you will be less and less sore. Eventually not at all. That's why its always smart to switch your routine up every 6-12 week's . Another assumption is that "the pump" means you got a good workout,but that's also a myth. I can do 100 reps on a row with 5 lbs and feel an amazing pump but that doesn't mean I progressed . Just a build up of lactic acid . To get the best results. Switch your routine now and then and do 8-12 reps *proper form* when weight training. Any other questions just ask. 

04 Oct
I just started working out few days ago plus cardio. And now I feel pain on both thighs, so I'm planning to rest for this day but I'm feeling guilty of it. Because before I started my routines, I promised myself not to stop and continue until I'll reach my goals. Since you've told me to have atleast a day of rest, it helps me alot to decide. Thank you!
04 Oct
If you just started, remember turtles don't win races but they do finish them. No rush, take it easy . Don't start with intense crazy workouts trying to" jump in " that's how ppl get hurt. Slow n steady. :)

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