How to Improve Metabolism

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Oct 26, 2013 4:48am
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Having a low metabolism rate. How it could be improved

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Oct 26, 2013 5:12am
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Eat breakfast in the morning, eat small snacks and meals all day.

Get a workout fit into your morning.

Weight training to build some muscle. Muscle burns more cals.

Omega 3s, fish or flax oil,

Get enough sleep

Green tea (although I had to quit, some ppl it makes sore joints)

Don't eat Trans fats

Eat organic foods

these are all tips I found just googling "how to increase metabolism" and there are many more

26 Oct
Same problm is wid me also....Evn fr dis I hv consulted a dietician....still prblm....coz of dis I hv to put more efforts in m workout otherwz if a normal person do dat much workout which I do he wud dfntly reduce 4kgs a mnth but I reduce only 2kgs.... If u hv any solution Plllz recommend me....
26 Oct
Wow. I don't know you're real problem but I know I worked out and "ate healthy" for three months and didn't lose weight cuz i was still eating to fulfill my hunger, just with healthy food. When I started.counting calories with myfitnesspal I realized I was still eating too much and saw results in a week.
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Oct 26, 2013 8:59am
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And there lies the problem. People get too obsessed with calorie counting that they forget how the body works. Build muscle and just workout regularly. Never stop. Lift weights. Muscles do burn more calories. In the end, you will end up weighing more but actually looking leaner as you have changed your body composition.

27 Oct
Um calories ARE how the body works. Many ppl don't have the time to exercise to the point of being able to just not care about their caloric intake. I was slightly overweight but couldn't understand why I wasn't losing it. The body wants to maintain itself even if its overweight, I just ate more (healthy food) when I exercised more. Then I paid attention to calories and it worked.
27 Oct
Not exactly. If you don’t exercise enough for your body to need to expend the calories you intake and the fat you do have to repairing and building muscles, then nothing will happen. It also has to do with what kind of food you actually eat. Certain types of foods have a high calorie value yet is easily digestible by the body, making you easily hungry and consuming more calories than required by your body. I recommend reading I know this by principle through my profession as a nurse, but seeing actual people proving it right by their lifestyle...
27 Oct
We probably actually agree on these things but are just coming at then from opposite directions to meet in the middle. A while ago I changed my diet to avoid sugar and wheat and incorporated brown rice as my main staple, which worked great for me in the past when I was way more active and had a younger metabolism. This time around I had to start keeping track of calories to see that, while brown rice is a pretty healthy choice, it still has quite a few calories and I was eating just enough to maintain my weight in...
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Oct 26, 2013 8:46pm
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Keep yourself active during the day.
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Oct 27, 2013 4:29am
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Use high intensity interval training principles whenever you work out - studies have shown that HIIT increases your resting metabolic rate for hours afterwards (also known as the afterburn effect).

Use every spare second you have to be active - do a short mini workout oike Grind Hard or take a quick walk or just do pushups/situps/crunches etc. All these increase you daily total calorie use and boost your metabolism.

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Oct 27, 2013 7:56am
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I'm taking medications for my hypothyroidism but that's another story. As what they've said, do a daily workout to build muscles as they help in our metabolism.