Back surgery, anyone?

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Dec 16, 2013 7:57pm
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I recently had back surgery and although the pain that was stemming from my injury is gone, I still have the aches and pains from the surgery itself. Does anyone know effective lower back exercises and streches? I've been stretching, but my back seems to stay tight, what am I doing wrong?

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Dec 16, 2013 8:34pm
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Hi a lot of muscles are have influence on your back! For exemple the muscles of your legs! If they are too short they re going to pull on your hips and make lean your back! Look! I m a student, i sit more than 10h a day after than i take train, bus or car for 1h, then i got home and sit on my couch at least 15h per day i m sitting on something! The muscle of my legs are getting shorter with time because i m always and a sit, and, when i get up they to short and they are pulling my so i m leaning forward and to have a better position i m curving my back! With time and no leg streching i will have injuries!

My advice try to strech at least 1h per week and focus on muscles
- ischio (back of the leg)
- quadriceps (front of the leg)
- and ilio-psoas

Search on google how to strech thoses tree and after one month you will see a difference on you back paint!

Ps if you sits more than 8h a day do some streching every day before bed time

Hope you re going better
See ya